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Pouch. A small bag such as a packet container teabag money bag sporran fanny pack etc. Remember your cookie settings. A bag or sack used to carry mail or. Track the use of promotional offers provided on it to allocate sales or other transactions to the respective offer on our.

Pouch 1 2 3. This free chrome extension is all you need to save money and get the best working coupon codes in. A small bag often closing with a drawstring and used especially for carrying loose items in ones pocket. Pouch 202141.

Pouch. A bag or soft container for a small object or a small amount of something. Marsupium disambiguation especially pouch marsupial an anatomical feature in which young are carried cadaver pouch a body bag diplomatic pouch electric heating pouch medical apparatus electric heating device for curative. Pouch may refer to.

The female kangaroo has a pouch. A pocket on the.